The Groom Expert… Advertising To Him


Why Did We Create A Website For Grooms?

Grooms are extremely involved in the wedding. Some men don’t like planning at all, but still needs help, advice and guidance with their wedding day plans! The problem we were facing was that we could not find a one-stop wedding resource site just for grooms or a category for grooms within bride focused wedding sites, so as advertise on.  We were told that “grooms are not that involved in the wedding”. Boy are they wrong!!! For this reason, we created The Groom Expert.

Purpose of The Groom Expert

We do not allow general wedding or bride articles.  He has to find value so he stays on the website. Everything will be groom focused. 

Visitors will bounce off a website quickly if they cannot relate. Most wedding sites speak to the bride and target the bride instead of to the groom. We want the groom to relate and completely immerse himself in our website and see the wording ‘gift for her’, ‘how to look good for her’, ‘groom dance for her’, etc. We have the right to delete any article without notice we deem not to be groom focused.

What You Will Receive As A Free Member

You can list up to 10 of your products in one category with links back to your website. This allows you to show off multiple styles. If your company offers multiple products you can list in those categories. If you don’t see your category please let us know, in the form below.