The Groom Expert… Advertising To Him

We are so excited for 2019! The wedding season is fast approaching. We can’t wait for you to join our team, as we make a big impact in the online wedding world. A place just for grooms needing help, advice and to purchase what is needed to check off his to do list. 

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Groom Exposure

Our focus is to get everything groom related to show up on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. Our efforts will drive grooms to our site and for them to find everything they need to plan their wedding. They have a honey do list and this site is their one-stop shop. Products on the site will be rotated daily so the groom sees fresh content and your products will always be in front of them.

  • When a groom searches ‘wedding tie’ our product page will show up one. 
  • When a groom searches ‘wedding tie’ your article within our blog will show up.
  • When a groom searches ‘groom wedding help/groom wedding tips’ our site will show up.


Getting On Page One

If it sounds overly confident that we are going to get on page one, just type in our keywords “wedding dress sketch” / “wedding gown sketch” and you will see that Dreamlines shows up on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. We conquered page one and plan to repeat this pattern for your keywords.


Why Did We Create A Website For Grooms

We learned that grooms are extremely involved in the wedding (after selling our product to thousands of grooms all over the world)! We also learned that some men don’t like planning at all, but still needs help, advice and guidance with their wedding day/event plans!  The problem we were facing was that we could not find a one-stop wedding resource site just for grooms or a category for grooms within bride focused wedding sites, so as advertise on.  We were told that “grooms are not that involved in the wedding”. Boy are they wrong!!! For this reason, we created The Groom Expert.


Why Didn’t We Create A Stand Alone Website?

We already have groom traffic coming to this website. 


Purpose of The Groom Expert

The purpose of the blog and product categories are to provide advice, tips and help for the groom while planning his wedding with his bride. We do not allow general wedding articles or bride images that are not specifically catered to the groom. He has to find value. Being focused with our target market is very calculated.

From our previous experience, visitors will bounce off a website quickly if they cannot relate. For example, our company creates a sketch of the wedding dress and suit, which can be purchased from the bride or groom. Due to our data and history of orders, we now have the site tailored to the groom giving this gift to his bride or the husband giving it to his wife. If we have grooms or husbands on the website, and they see that we are using the terminology ‘gift for him’ they will bounce off the site, as they are looking for a ‘gift for her’.

We created The Groom Expert, because most wedding sites speak to the bride and target the bride instead of to the groom. We want the groom to relate and completely immerse himself in our site and see the wording ‘gift for her’, ‘how to look good for her’, ‘groom dance for her’, etc. This will also help for SEO purposes, as our goal is to saturate page one anytime a groom searches online. We have the right to delete any article without notice we deem not to be groom focused, as we want our groom vendors to get the most out of our website visitors…grooms that need expert advice to make his bride’s day perfect.



We have 600,000 followers on our social media sites and Dreamlines. These numbers will keep soaring once your articles and listings are added, along with our increased marketing efforts.