The 3 Ps of Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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When it’s time to talk about wedding plans, one of the most important conversations to have is about who will be capturing your special day. After all, these photos are what you’ll have to look back on for the rest of your lives together! Here are the “3 Big P’s” of hiring a wedding photographer.


The first thing to look for in a wedding photographer is their portfolio. Each photographer brings something unique and personal to the table, so you’ll want to have a look at their previous work. Some photographers have years of experience with event photography, but have never shot a wedding.  Others are specialized wedding photographers who have several weddings under their belt and a knack for getting those beautiful, classic shots. It’s helpful to have a clear idea of what style you like, and consider if the photographer you have in mind fits that style.

Tip: Most photographers will be eager to show off their best work. Check out their entire portfolio to get a feeling for how they shoot, but ask specifically to see any work from previous weddings. That way, you’ll be able to compare what they’ve been able to produce for other weddings to your vision for your
own wedding.


People don’t usually consider the personality of their photographer in their decisions, but it’s likely that your wedding photographer will be with you throughout all or most of your special day. You and your photographer should enjoy each others company. Always get to know your photographer (and let your photographer get to know you!) so they can get you in your best and happiest moments on your special day.

Tip: Some wedding photographers will set up a preliminary meeting to discuss things like contracts and pricing, before any papers are signed or money is exchanged. This is an excellent time to get a feel for their disposition and character before making any commitments.


It’s important to ask about pricing early in the process so you have an approximate idea of how much of your budget will be spent on a photographer. Pricing depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • Level of expertise Distance traveled to reach venue
  • Length of wedding/how long they’ll be there
  • How many photos you’ll receive back
  • Level of editing
  • Shipping/delivery (ask about expedited delivery)
  • Printing

Each photographer will have a different pricing scale. Keep in mind that although you may have an idea of what is “expensive” to you, price is relative and depends on several things. Since all photographers are different, make sure to ask questions and write down answers for reference later.

Tip: With any wedding vendor (photographer, caterer, transportation, DJ etc.) it is essential to get everything in writing. Ask your wedding photographer for a semi-itemized rundown of prices for each major component of the shoot from the bullets above. This way, you’ll better understand why they’re quoting you a specific price.

Bonus Tip: Follow Your Intuition
Sometimes, you’ll come across a photographer that has a style you absolutely love, but is completely opposite from the vision you originally had in your mind. Too often, we are inflexible and think things have to be done only one way. If you have a gut feeling about a particular photographer or style, go for it!

Final Thoughts

Your wedding photographer’s job is to capture your special day and give you back photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. It’s vital to find someone that fits you, your style, and your budget. These tips can help you find the perfect wedding photographer, and maybe even a photographer for the other important events in your life!

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