Sketch & Printed Piece

A sketch of her wedding dress

  • It’s the most important dress she will EVER wear.
  • She has been dreaming of her “princess dress” since she was a little girl.
  • A sketch to commemorate the most magical day of her life.


“Nikki she just opened it and was BLOWN away it looks amazing!!!!!! Thank you for this I was just as excited as she was to open it so I could see it. BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!! Thanks again.” – Rob, Philadelphia, PA

“She absolutely loved it. Tears of joy and everything! Thanks so much for adding to joy of our anniversary.”– Ric, Las Vegas, NV

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Q & A – Best Gift For Your Wife

How long does it take?
Orders take 7 days to fulfill.

What if I need it faster than that?
Choose the 2-day or 4-day turnaround option. Need it today?  Tell her “I was ordering a sketch and I learned you could work with the artist to create your sketch.” I will email you a card you can give to your wife.

How many have you created?
We have created over 2,000 sketches mailed worldwide.

Still have questions?
Start an online chat, call 314-884-1659 or email


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Name & Name
Forever And Ever


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