4  Tips  for Planning the Perfect Wedding  Menu

There are plenty of different ways to build your perfect wedding especially when it’s time for wedding menu planning.  Everyone has a preference for the venue, food, and color schemes, but for your special day, get to make every decision.   

It’s so much fun to make sure everything is exactly perfect, but it can also be really overwhelming. To help you keep things organized (and keep your sanity) here are some helpful tips to keep in mind for the menu portion of your wedding planning.

Wedding Menu Planning

1. Do Your Research First

When considering different venues,  it’s always good to know some aren’t what they seem. While they may advertise themselves as being all-inclusive, they may not really take care of catering, or they may have hidden fees for every little ‘extra’. Many venues have flat rates, while others charge per person in attendance, and some have a combination of the two rates.   

But as far as how this impacts your wedding menu you will need to know if the venue prices and services include in-house catering,  and if that is optional, or simply the only package they offer.

While plenty of locations have their own catering,  sometimes bringing in an outside caterer is cheaper,  and even in some cases better food whereas some venues absolutely will not allow you to bring in other food.

Make sure you check these things before you book, because if you accidentally book both a caterer, and unknowingly book a location that already caters, you’ll be out quite a bit of money, and have way too much food for you and the guests!

2. Budget

It’s no secret that budget is important in any wedding, and with every flower shop and bridal gown fitting you go to, it will seem more and more unreasonable to try and stick with your budget.

Caterers come in a  wide range, and thus aren’t necessarily the priciest thing in the plan, depending on your guest list and whether you are providing a full sit-down meal or just appetizers for your wedding menu.

However,  they can become more and more pricey as the planning goes on, because they may start adding unexpected costs in.  Sometimes it’s small things like you want a dessert added to the menu at the last minute. But other times it’s hidden fees in their contract that they will charge you after the fact and leave you confused as to where you went over budget.

Looking into reviews is a great way to find reputable Wedding Catering in Perth, or finding websites that list prices right on their page so that there won’t be any discrepancies about price later on. Just be sure to always read contracts and fine print carefully so that you know exactly what could lead to additional costs later on.wedding menu

3. Test  the Food

It may seem like obvious advice to test the food you think you want to serve, but for some reason,  many couples still don’t take the time to do it!

For your day,  everything should be perfect, including getting meals that you and your guests will enjoy.  Most caterers will offer options of different meats and sides served on plates in courses, or they might have similar options in a more buffet style, but either way, it’s important to make sure you enjoy the food, and that it makes you excited when you think about your special day.

Taste testing is just one more way to, first of all, make sure you really do like the caterer and the style of their food,  and the second, pick the best menu for your wedding and guests.   

4. Mind  Diet Restrictions

While dealing with friends and relatives with different dietary requirements,  it can be easy to just give up and suggest they can have two side salads. But for others who deal with true allergies and food sensitivities, it might be a little more necessary to consider ways to accommodate them.

It’s usually best to send out a notice on the invite about what meals or items will be available and have a way to notate on their RSVP  what specifically they would like or a  way to notify you of an allergy; this way you can inform the caterer and their meal can be planned accordingly.

Regardless of if you have your guests inform you of their allergies or restrictions beforehand or not, it would be wise to make sure that food items have description cards explaining what is in them so that your guests don’t have to struggle to ask the caterer if a dish contains nuts, dairy or other allergens.

Final  Tip

One last thing to remember don’t stress out when planning your wedding menu! Weddings are always a challenge to organize, even with the help of friends and family.  Remember that you’re planning one of the most memorable days of your life, so try to sit back, relax, and take time to sample the tasty foods you could be eating on your wedding day!

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