Planning Outdoor Weddings – Tips and Tricks

Outdoor weddings can go from being absolutely gorgeously arranged events that provide us with timeless, wonderful memories, to complete nightmares if something goes terribly wrong. At outdoor weddings, you can encounter many challenges on your way. It’s easy to forget something once you’re all caught up in the wedding mania, so we supply you with a short list of essentials you need to think of while you carefully plan all the details of your dream wedding.

Outdoor Weddings


Think of a creative theme

The first best thing about outdoor weddings is that they don’t dictate any themes. With merely a tent above your head, there is an endless universe of ideas hidden underneath, so why not choose a personalized theme that brings out your and your partner’s most preferred passions and preferences? For example, if you are a comic book fan, you can put comic book tablecloth on each table, name drinks after comic book characters’ favorite drinks, and even arrange the tables by comic book leagues and groups. Who wouldn’t want to sit at the Avengers’ or Group TNT’s table?

Be prepared for weather issues

Weather can be a major problem at outdoor weddings, and since the wedding date has to be chosen months in advance, you can’t predict the weather circumstances. Thus, you should always have an alternative plan in case of bad weather. Putting up several tents is always a good idea because you need at least one major tent for your guests, another one for the musicians and their equipment, and one for catering and kitchen staff. Don’t forget to choose waterproof tents and add extra waterproof materials. In the case of extremely unfortunate weather, it would be best to choose a venue that has an indoor place to move to.

Choose the scenery carefully

While wedding mansions have pre-set picturesque scenery, outdoor places might not. You need to choose a space where guests can take pictures of a lifetime with you. The outdoor wedding area should completely move you to a different world and make you feel like you are somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. In Sydney, you can find such a theme at a Manly waterfront restaurant that has a panoramic harbor view and the most picturesque ballroom terrace. Find a scenery of a lifetime since you know you will be returning to those pictures from time to time for the rest of your married life.

Don’t skip the sound check

It’s easy to forget that sound doesn’t spread outdoors in the same way it does indoors, especially if you have never encountered this issue before. Experienced bands are aware of this problem, so if you choose such a band, they will most probably ask for a sound check. This can take long and in the mayhem of wedding planning, you might think this is a waste of time and choose to skip this step. A good piece of advice would be not to do so, since music is an essential part of the wedding ceremony, and you don’t want it going bad. So, let the pros do their work and try to ignore all the mic tests and jam sessions they need to make sure everything works perfectly.

Set the atmosphere

Outdoor Weddings

Finally, don’t forget to set the mood to your liking. You can play with the lighting by adding paper lanterns, stately chandeliers, twinkling lights or even Christmas lights to your tent. Small up-lights around the paths work perfectly too, and for the table decoration, you can choose little jars with scented candles. Of course, you need to have an electricity check before the wedding starts because the acoustic sessions with candles should be left for the final hours of your wedding day. Renting a generator comes in handy just in case something goes wrong.

In conclusion, you should make a list of these and other issues that might occur and try having backups for each one. The more backups you have, the less stressed you will be, so you can enjoy your day carelessly, knowing that everything that goes wrong can be fixed.

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