7 Great Photo Shoot Ideas for your Anniversary Photo Session

Wedding photo shoot ideas are more than just pretty locations and creative couple poses. They also represent the chemistry of the people getting married. It is every couple’s dream to have the best and most unique wedding photo shoot so they can cherish the moment they decided to become one, forever.

That is the reason why it is important to come up with interesting themes for your photo session that showcase who you are as a couple and the things most important to you. Not only will this kind of theme make your photos look unique but it’ll also make them look more personal. So, let’s take a look at some great ideas for your wedding photo shoot that may inspire you for your own wedding.

Photo Shoot Ideas

Use Twinkle Lights for a Magical Night

If you’re the romantic kind (which you should be as a couple), it’s best to plan your photo shoot at night and have a play of light in the photos using nothing more than the humble twinkle lights. These lights are so small that they won’t take anything away from the photos by overexposing them but rather will act as a subtle highlight to the whole scene. To add some more mood to the photos, you can have yourselves lit up by only twinkle lights so that the background just falls away into darkness.Photo shoot Ideas

Take Inspiration from ‘Tangled’

If you like the idea of subtle lights and romance straight out of Disney, then you can take inspiration from the much-loved movie, Tangled. The core idea here is to arrange your photo shoot ideas near a river (or any body of water) and have a background filled with flying lanterns to recreate the epic scene from the movie. You can also take ideas from other Disney movies if Tangled isn’t your thing.Photo shoot Ideas

Lose Yourself in a Maze

Nothing better than taking photos surrounded by green, right? For some people, something as simple as having a lush green backdrop is the perfect setting for wedding photo shoot ideas. Instead of going to a simple park, however, why not find a cool maze that you can go around? Granted, finding a maze isn’t going to be easy and you probably will have to travel somewhere else for it, but it’s such a cool idea that it might just be worth it for you.Photo shoot Ideas

Go Vintage, ‘60s Style!

If you like extravagance and high fashion, take inspiration from the ’60s. This was a time of high fashion like none other, and it can help make your wedding photo session visually stunning as well as a lot of fun. The bright lights and intricately-designed decorations will combine to make your photo shoot ideas look like a scene straight from The Great Gatsby.Photo shoot Ideas

Capture the Fluidity of Water

For those of you who don’t want to spend too much on their wedding shoot, a simple trip to the beach might be the perfect way to capture the energy of your love with some help from the water. Having the sea behind you with waves crashing on to the shore can lead to some epic photos while a calm sea during the Golden Hour can lead to some immensely romantic photos. Having this kind of a shoot on a private beach, while pricey, will be a much more intimate experience for you and your partner.Photo shoot Ideas

Simply Go Crazy

If you want something completely out of the ordinary, just go crazy with your creativity. Look up some cool photography styles and incorporate them into your photos. From light trails going behind you in an urban setting to making objects float in front of you through levitation photography, there is a lot you can do to make your wedding photos look unlike any other couple’s in the world.

If you’re worried that you won’t get perfect photos straight out of the camera if you go for such ideas, don’t worry because your photographer will probably be using a photo editing software for some photo retouching after the session.Photo shoot Ideas

Relive Your Memories

The time a couple spends together leading up to the decision of getting married is something that should never be forgotten. That is why a wedding photo session themed around reliving your more intimate memories is one of the greatest ideas anyone can give you. From the first date and the first kiss to the proposal, if you can recreate your memories in a creative way in the form of wedding photos, you’ll end up with a collection of images that you’ll cherish forever. And you won’t have to tell your children how you met their mother without visual aids.

And with that, we conclude our list of some really good ideas for your wedding photo session. Always remember that your wedding photos should reflect your own style and your own journey as a couple. Whatever the style of your choice is, remember to leave all technical worries to your photographer and just have fun while the shoot is going on.


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