How to Create a Perfect Wedding Invitation?

First of all, let me congratulate you on your engagement and show you how to create a perfect wedding invitation! This is such a special time in your life when you are making this big step of joining your life with your loved one. Most brides-to-be know that even though you are excited about your big day, the planning process can be very stressful.

Perfect Wedding Invitation

In order to help you out with at least some part of it, we have prepared some advice on how to create your perfect wedding invitation. Hopefully, these little tips will inspire you to make the right choices and get a satisfying result.Perfect Wedding Invitation

Match Your Wedding Style

One of the most essential things you need to consider when creating a perfect wedding invitation is the style of your wedding. Your invitations should pare with whatever type of wedding you will have.

Will it be elegant and classy, casual and entertaining, will it have a theme? When you have defined the style of the wedding, just go to internet pages such as Pinterest or Instagram or simply Google some key phrases and find some inspiration so that you know in which direction you should go.

Your guests should get an idea of what is to come when they receive your invitation. No matter what style you prefer, just make sure that the invite represents it.

Choose Your Colors

Another thing you should think about is your wedding colors. Every wedding has a few predominant colors and they should be incorporated in the invitations.

For example, if your wedding style is elegant and your flower and décor colors are white, black, and light pink, use similar color-combo for the perfect wedding invitation as well.

Try not to go overboard and limit yourself to up to three main colors. Too much color can affect readability.

For a cohesive look carry these colors throughout the rest of your wedding paper such as the escort cards, menus, and ceremony programs.

Pay Attention to Readability

When you are choosing the colors of your invitations, keep in mind that light ink on light backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds doesn’t work.

Pastels and yellow color are tough to read and unless you use them on a really dark background which makes them pop, it is better to use such colors in the design and not for the letters.

While the perfect wedding invitation should represent your style and who you are, the main reason why you are sending the invitations is to inform and you won’t be able to do that if the content isn’t readable.

Express Yourself

Your wedding invitation should represent you as a couple. What you love, what inspires you, what brings you joy. Think about these things when creating your wedding invitation.

Some couples tend to follow the current trends or listen to what others have to say. Remember that this is YOUR special day and the wedding invitations should be exactly what you want them to be.

You shouldn’t care if your mother says that adding flowers on it is tacky or if your friend finds that adding a cartoon is too silly. While your close ones tend to make suggestions because they care and want what’s best for you, keep in mind that we all have a different taste and you can never please everyone.

Sit down with your partner and discuss what type of invitation describes you best and then just turn that into reality.

Ultimately, people who love you and who wish to be with you on your special day would probably want to get an invitation that shows exactly who you are.

Inspire with Words

The text you add to your wedding invitation should express your emotions and that is why you shouldn’t hold back.

Using a boring old template with a generic content won’t do you justice.

Get creative and think about what you would love to read in a wedding invitation.

It doesn’t have to be all formal like most of them are. Depending on your personalities, you can be funny, emotional, romantic, magical, or whatever you like.

If you have some great thoughts but you have trouble with transferring them on paper, you can always find some writing services to help you out.

Also, pay attention to the type of font you choose. Some fonts may look beautiful but they can be very hard to read and you certainly don’t want to lose readability because of some pretty letters.

Get Playful with the Shape and Size

If you want a traditional size and shape for the wedding invitations that would be a 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card.

However, nowadays there are so many creative and modern shapes such as circular, scalloped, square or even triangle invitations. In case you want to channel more playful vibes, this might be the right choice for you.

Keep in mind that if you don’t use the standard size that can increase the postage because bulky invites can cost more to send.Perfect Wedding Invitation

Keep it Concise

There is another important aspect you shouldn’t forget when creating your perfect wedding invitation and that is not to crowd the card.

Only list key information on your wedding card such as:

* your and your fiancé’s names

* ceremony time and location

* the hosts

* RSVP information

* the dress code (optional)

Of course, you can add a little description or a quote but don’t overcrowd it with information such as direction to the venue or where you’re registered. The invitation is not the place for that kind of information. The wedding website or a separate enclosure card can be used for all the other details.

Over to You

Now that you have all this important information, you’ll be able to create a wedding invitation that will spark the excitement and melt the hearts of your guests.

As long as you pay attention to some ground rules and use the invitation as an expression of your love and who you are, you can’t go wrong. Lastly, just remember to have fun!

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