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Place your Dreamlines link on your site. You will receive 10% for anyone who orders from your link. You can use the 10% as profit or promote that 10% of their order goes to the charity of your choice. 

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Dreamlines was created in 2006. We have created wedding dress sketches for happy couples all over the world for anniversary gifts and wedding gifts. We offer a 10% commission on a single order, which starts at $150 and goes up to $800. The average order is $430. We deliver all over the world.  Once you are an affiliate you will have access to our professionally designed banners, content and links. website was recently revamped so as to increase the average order and to convert visitors into sales, which means you can profit from our new success. Every referral, sale and processing of the payments is tracked and handled by ShareASale, which allows you to track any activity from your website to our website.

What do you receive from the affiliate program?

  • 10% Commission
  • 180-day cookie
  • Custom created specialty banners
  • Customer service assistance ~

How does the affiliate program work?

  • Place MyDreamlines banners on your website.
  • A visitor visits your webiste and clicks on a MyDreamlines banner ad.
  • The visitor purchases a sketch at
  • We pay you 10% of the sales value.


  • You can use the brand name ‘Dreamlines’.
  • Coupon codes are not accepted on my website, from other websites. 

Top Products Sold:

  • Anniversary Gift From Husband (one year anniversary is my biggest anniversary gift sold)
  • Wedding Day Gift From Groom.
  • Targeting the husband / groom will result in a higher purchase amount.

Year Round Gifts:

  • Anniversary Gifts
  • One Year Anniversary Gift
  • 1 Year Anniversary Gift
  • Paper Anniversary Gift
  • Customized Wedding Gift
  • Last Minute Anniversary Gift
  • Birthday Gift

Seasonal Gifts:

  • Christmas
  • Valentines

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