How to Throw a Wedding Anniversary Party Your Guests Will Remember

A marriage is a special union between two people, and it should be celebrated for as long as it lasts. A husband and wife should take time to show their love to each other on a daily basis. They should also celebrate milestones with family and friends.

If you are thinking of having an anniversary party to celebrate your marriage, you want to make it as special as possible. From the decorations, to the venue to the musical entertainment you provide, everything has to be perfect.

If you are thinking of having an anniversary party sometime soon, here are some great ideas for how to make yours memorable.

Recreate Your Wedding: Of course, it may be difficult to recreate your wedding exactly, but here are some things that can help you achieve your goal.

  • Book the same venue if possible
  • Invite the same guests: You can play around a bit with the guest list so as not to make newer guests feel left out
  • Wear the same outfits (if they still fit!)
  • Hire the same vendors/musical entertainment · Recreate the night by doing similar toasts, speeches, dances, etc. · Be sure the band plays your wedding song

Do a Decade Party: Theme parties are all the rage and honoring a decade that has passed can be a great way to have fun with your theme. Because this is an anniversary party, consider recreating the decade when your party occurred. For instance, if you got married in the 80’s, encourage your guests to show up in 80’s styles. Play 80’s music and use decorations that will evoke the look of the decade.

Incorporate Your Anniversary Theme: Do you know there is a theme for every anniversary? These themes are supposed to dictate the gifts that are given to the couple, but they can also be used as party themes. Here are some examples.

  • First Year: Paper: Paper lanterns, streamers and tablecloths will be ideal decorations for a first year anniversary party.
  • Tenth Year: Tin/Aluminum: Why not go all out with a space age theme that uses plenty of shiny materials?
  • Twentieth Year: China: Yes, we know this refers to fine China, but hosts can take it a step further working an Oriental theme into a twentieth anniversary party.
  • Twenty-fifth Year and Beyond: Years 25 and on have themes of some sort of precious metal or gem. Think of the color of the item and what it means and incorporate these into the decorations you use for your anniversary party.

Picnic: A picnic can be a great way to celebrate an anniversary and it can save you on the expense of renting a venue. Give your party a romantic vibe by decorating a banquet table with plenty of flowers. Lay out fresh fruits, salads and cold finger foods. Outdoor events like three legged races and tug of war will provide hours of entertainment.

If you are coming up on a milestone anniversary, why not make it special by throwing a party? These are all great ideas that will help you share the love with your family and friends. We hope this year brings your marriage happiness and plenty of good times!

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