Nikki and her family

Meet Nikki

Nikki and her family
Nikki & her family

As the owner of Dreamlines for 11 years, it has been my passion to provide couples with lasting gifts they will cherish for a lifetime.

When I created Dreamlines, it was knowing that so many people want to give their loved ones the most perfect gift. A gift that would take their breath away. There is nothing like going to a bridal shower giving the bride a gift that everyone in that room would loved to have given her…including the mother and mother-in-law. The one year anniversary gift is a popular gift, as paper is the traditional one year anniversary gift.  Honestly I have to say my favorite event that a Dreamlines wedding dress sketch is given is the day-of-the wedding gift from the groom to the bride. For her to see her name in writing, on the personalized hanger, for the first time with her wedding dress sketched must be truly magical. To marry the man of her dreams, then take his name all while wearing the princess dress is what we all dream of.

As you can see from the testimonials I strive to give amazing wedding gifts and anniversary gifts, as well as giving amazing customer service. Walking each customer through the process, so as to help them make the perfect choice.

Welcome to the enchanted world of Dreamlines, let us help you take someone’s breath away.


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