Groom Duties

Groom Duties On Your Big Day

What are the groom duties? Need groom advice? Making sure you take on the proposal, engagement, and wedding with style is crucial. You are showing your bride that you are stepping up. You will find 18 groom tips that help you as you move forward.

18 Helpful Groom Duties

1. Ask Her Parents For Permission

This is not deemed necessary, but it is a courteous move on your part. Back in the day, it was to always ask the Father, but asking the people most important to her is very reflective of your character.  Just find that right moment to speak to them.

2. Wedding Proposal – How To Propose

There are so many different ways to propose. Propose in a way that fits her personality and how you live your lives. If she loves grand displays of excitement then go for it. If she would like simplicity then she probably wouldn’t completely appreciate ‘Will You Marry Me’ on a huge billboard.

3. Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring

You know your bride-to-be better than anyone. Would she want to go with you to pick out her ring or would she want to be surprised?

4. Tell Each Of Your Parents First

Tell your parents first and call all of those that you are close to. Don’t let those you are closes to to find out via social media.

5. Set Up A Nail Appointment For Her

Before you pop the question set up a nail appointment for her. After she says I do she will want to show off her new ring to the world.

6. Get your Ring Appraised and Insured

This is very important and time cannot be wasted on this.

7. Pick Out A Wedding Date

It doesn’t have to be an exact date. Just having a season, month or year makes things move along when you are sharing with others. Whether you say Spring of next year, Christmas of 2018, etc. it will take a lot of pressure off of her, as well as in regards to her wedding planning to do list.

8. You Need The Perfect Wedding Day Gift

Her wedding dress sketched and framed…the most important dress she will ever wear. The dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. Learn more about the most perfect gift to your bride. 

9. Write Your Own Speech

A wedding speech to knock her socks off and leave everyone in tears and laughter is the goal here. The WeddingSpeechBuilder is the coolest site to help you write the best speech ever! You receive a vault of smart, sentimental, and witty groom speech samples, groom speech examples, and groom speech templates.

10. Share Your Opinions

It is your wedding as well so let her know what involvement you would like. This would also alleviate some of the pressure that a bride feels, as most of the duties get placed on her plate.

11. Don’t Let Her Get Overwhelmed With Planning

Maybe hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to help her in the process so she doesn’t get stressed to the max. Choosing a destination location (less planning is needed from the couple) can help you enjoy your engagement. A happy bride is a happy engagement.

There are going to be a lot of people involved; Mother, Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor, etc. If these key people are barraging your bride or if your bride is getting irritated it is time for you to step in and protect her. She is planning the most magical day of her life and you want her to enjoy every element.

12. Get Dressed To The Nines

She is wearing a new wedding dress. You need to step up as well. Purchase a new suit (you can wear yours again), shirt, tie, shoes, and even undies. Get a good shave, new haircut, etc. Break-in your wedding shoes before you wear them.

13. Keep Your Groomsmen In The Loop

These are your boys so keep them in the loop and in check. It is your duty to remove all of this off of your bride’s plate. You are in charge of them, so let her know you have this taken care of. A great bit of insight for your groomsmen can be found on how to be the best man.

14. Don’t Start Your Wedding Day Tired & Hungover

Don’t drink too much the night before. You want to fully enjoy your big day.

15. Groom Wedding Day Planning Checklist

Where are the rings??? Don’t panic!!! Your checklist will keep you focused on your groom duties. Your lovely bride can help you with this wedding checklist as well.

16. Wedding Day Breakfast

Eat a high in protein and complex carb breakfast. Be full and you can enjoy your morning much better so as to focus on your groom duties.

17. Wedding Gift From The Groom To The Bride

Send your bride a wedding day gift. A gift for the bride from her groom is so special. This is just that one little piece to let her know that you are truly excited about this magical day that starts your life together. Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed

18. Sneak Away

Pull her aside during the reception to reconnect. You will both want to savor the moment of being husband and wife without the chaos of everyone around you both. Just five minutes will connect you both so you can tackle the rest of your evening.

These are just a few wedding day planning tips for the groom. Groom duties that show you have it all under control.