Great Reasons To Hire A Photobooth For Your Wedding

Setting up a photo booth in any event has become a trend nowadays. From corporate events to social gatherings, a photo booth won’t be out of place. Especially for wedding events, a photo booth is more likely to become a hit. 

You don’t need to worry about the setup as you can hire photo booth services to do it. If you’re wondering whether it’ll spoil the motif of your big day, then don’t worry as there are many themes to choose from. That way, the setting or background of your photo booth will fit your wedding’s ambiance.

Apart from that, here are other greats reasons to hire a photo booth during your wedding:

  1. Boost The Mood Of Your Day

Some wedding events have live bands to make the ambiance more appealing. That’s great, but if you want to make it more lively and fun for your visitors, then hire a photo booth. 

You can choose from various props to decorate your photo booth. When you’ve got a well-decorated photo booth, it’ll stand out during your event—second to you, of course. If you want to personalize it, then do so. But if you hire a photo booth, their services include decorating their templates or designs according to your preference. 

During the event, your visitors will probably go into the booth, click on the background they prefer, then capture their poses. Aside from doing selfies on their mobile phones, they may want to try a different and traditional way of capturing photos. 

With such an experience, your visitors will leave your wedding celebration happy and satisfied. 

  1. Serve As Mementos

Not only will they feel giddy during and after your wedding celebration, but your guests will also keep their memories with them. Since the photo booth offers high-quality printouts for free, you’re giving your attendees a one-of-a-kind wedding souvenir. Looking at their printed photographs will make them remember your wedding, too. 

It may be a piece of paper, but the captured memories are there. Whether they’re with friends, family, or you and your partner, you’re giving them something that can last for years. 

Especially now that printing out photos are uncommon, a photo booth allows them such an experience. Some photo booth services even offer to give the guests soft copies of their photos. With this, they’ll have something to post on their social media accounts. 

Another thing that photo booth services offer is a guestbook. Here, you’ll also receive a guest book that contains photos of your guests with their written messages on it. Not only will they receive their photos, but you’ll also get a souvenir of the people who’ve attended your wedding.

  1. Keep Children Preoccupied

Photo booths aren’t only for adults—it’ll be even more fun for the younger generations. Especially with millennials who grew up in the “selfie era,” a photo booth will amaze them. 

Since they can share the booth with their parents or friends, they’ll experience something they’ll surely enjoy—and that’s taking their selfies in a different kind of way. Moreover, with the printed photos, they’ll surely have something to enjoy seeing aside from sticking to their gadgets during the celebration. 

By having a photo booth during your event, adults can relax and enjoy the celebration while the kids are pretty much occupied. As a result, you’re making every person happy during your big day.

  1. Make Your Wedding Unique

Last but not least, here’s one more reason why you should hire a photo booth: to make your wedding different. Usual wedding celebrations involve live bands and food, but if you’ll add a photo booth, it’s something people rarely experience for such occasions. 

By bringing something that came before the digital era, you’ll make the adults experience this nostalgic moment as there were no cameras or phones to take selfies with before—only a photo booth. 

If you want your guests to experience more of the ‘90s or older, then a black-and-white photo printout will do the trick. That way, they’ll have something to talk about for days after your wedding. You can also have various themes such as a summer beach theme.  


There are more reasons for you to hire a photo booth for your wedding event, but those mentioned above are the best. From making your guests happy to keeping the kids preoccupied, a photo booth can be a great way to keep all your guests satisfied. With something unique from your big day, your guests will surely find it memorable. Not only that, but they’ll capture those moments because of the photo booth at your wedding.

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