Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift

Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift – Paper.

Men it’s your time to shine.  Give your wife a sexy gift for the traditional one year anniversary or any year.   If for any reason you wait until the last minute we can mail you a piece to present to your wife, which is even better. You can present her with a card, which allows her to work with us. She can also know that you have the gift complete and it is on the way.

Featured in InStyle Weddings we realized we had a gift that would be a hit for husbands to give to their bride.  A unique idea for a husband to give his bride the perfect present.  A sketch of her wedding dress on heavy ivory paper will be a wonderful keepsake, which will also show your romantic side. And for those of you husbands with many years of bliss. You can present your wife with an intimate and personal gift that can be cherished forever, which will truly adore.

Traditional First Year Anniversary GiftA gift for herTraditional First Year Anniversary Giftbreathtaking giftTraditional First Year Anniversary Gift

Why is the traditional first year anniversary gift paper?

It started back in the day from the 1837-1901, which is the Victoria Era. The gift dated back as the gift of commemorating the first year or marriage, which is the start of life together. Paper was given as the first year anniversary gift, as it was readily available. Another theory is that paper stands for the couples’ lives interverweaving together.  Paper also symbolizes the fragile piece of paper, just the same as the couple starting their lives together. It also represents a blank page, as if the couple is starting together. It is the beginning of their love story. We love love and the idea of giving your wife a sketch of the most magical day of your lives together is something she will love forever.


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