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Key Thing You Wish You Had Known Before Setting Your Wedding Dress Code

Elegant wedding dresses…. momentous part of the human experience, especially since this marks the union between two loving people who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

This means it’s perfectly reasonable for you to want your wedding to be as perfect as possible, and part of this is ensuring you get your wedding dress code right. One good way to ensure the aesthetics of your wedding will be A-Okay is to make sure you have elegant wedding dresses that are part of your code in place for your visitors.

elegant wedding dresses
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Wedding Dress Code For Your Special Day

Here’s a key thing many wish they’d known before setting their wedding dress code, and how this can affect the entire aesthetics of the wedding. If you’re in the wedding planning process be mindful of these tips as this can transform your wedding’s appearance. According to InStyle, a wedding dress code can be challenging to enforce especially since guests tend to interpret the words to become entirely different concepts. For instance, a “black-tie” event is still something a floor-length boho dress can fit in, but its flowy design can be a bit casual for the experience. Where evening gowns and formal dresses are the norms. This means carefully letting your guests know your wedding dress code is important. If there’s a key thing when it comes to setting your wedding dress code, it’s perhaps this: be as specific as you could get. It’s important that when pertaining to certain types of dresses or a certain palette, make sure you are precise and specific in your wedding invitation. It’s not too bad to be specific, especially if you’re looking for a particular “look” at your wedding.
  • This allows your guests to be able to assess whether they have to borrow or rent clothes, or if they have the kind of clothes you’re looking for. This saves both time and money on your part and theirs as they can immediately check their closets based on your specifications.
  • This also gives you an extra layer of assurance that your specific and explicit instructions are something they could follow, so your wedding pictures can be perfect.
  • With specificity in mind, here are a few things you should consider before writing down your specific requirements in your invitation:
Don’t forget about the rest of your wedding events. Although the ceremony is the most important aspect of the occasion, some weddings have events inside of them, and chances are your wedding will be the same. If there are alternate dress codes for other parts of the wedding – such as if guests will have to change to something else after the ceremony. Be sure to let them know beforehand. This is especially important if your events are in places such as a restaurant or a private club for a party after the ceremony. Don’t forget to make sure items and terms in your dress code are properly defined for the convenience of readers. When you relay specific dress code instructions but don’t elaborate on terms, sometimes people would simply Google the term and find an image of an item of clothing that may slightly resemble something they own. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the one type of clothing you need. If possible, be clear and explicit with the kind of clothing your guests should wear. If you have to familiarize yourself with terms, please do so. Don’t forget to have people share the dress code. Sometimes, it’s not enough that you have your dress code included in the invitations, it’s also important to have your other close friends, family, and even bridesmaids in their bridesmaid’s dresses can share and spread the word. Chances are, they’re more familiar with the specifics of the dress code, so they’re the best teachers your guests could have when it comes to choosing the kind of clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. Don’t forget to use references, such as websites with images that allow you to find inspiration for the dress code. This will allow you to modify your dress code depending on the kinds of clothes you see and imagine your guests in. In fact, you may even include images in your invitation, or refer guests to a website dedicated to what you’ve found already so that your guests have a direct inspiration to look at when they want to buy clothes or check their wardrobes. Weddings are perhaps magical not because of the ambiance, but primarily because of the dress as well. This is why a lot of couples want their wedding to be “perfect,” and the dress code is one of the guarantees of an aesthetic wedding that is fit for the cameras and the mood. Not everyone who sees a dress code will understand what’s being asked, however, which is why it’s important for you to be able to understand just how you be able to help others comprehend the kind of fashion sense you want them to have before spending time with you on your wedding day. We hope you had a great time reading this article from Ezibuy. Andrea is an aspiring fashion designer who loves designing women’s fashion and elegant wedding dresses. She loves reading fashion magazines and enjoys writing about her passion. She currently writes forezibuy.com and one day hopes to have her own fashion line.
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Elegant Wedding Dresses Hire Online Vs Buying: The Pros and Cons

Out of all the things you need to prepare for your wedding day, your wedding dress is one of the most expensive items in your budget. For instance, your gown may cost at least four figures or more depending on the design and the designer, among other factors. At this point, you may even wonder if it’s worth buying a brand new elegant wedding dresses or avail of dress hire services online instead. For all brides-to-be, read on as we’ll provide the pros and cons of both options.

Elegant Wedding Dresses Hire Online

In today’s generation, the ways people consume and wear clothes are changing. Due to a variety of options in the market, many brides-to-be have considered the idea of renting an ultimate one-wear-only dress for the wedding day. However, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into the idea. Pros
  • No issue of storage space – An elegant wedding dresses requires special care and attention. You cannot just put it anywhere just like your office clothes. The best thing about hiring a wedding dress online is that you don’t have to worry about having storage space to maintain and keep it before and after the big day.
  • Costs – If you rent your dress, you’ll keep a lot of money in your pocket because some dress hire services online provide an affordable rental package that includes accessories, such as tiaras and veils. Therefore, renting a dress has lower costs than buying one.
  • No need to clean – A wedding dress dry cleaning is undoubtedly expensive. However, cleaning it after the occasion isn’t a necessity with elegant wedding dresses rental like The Volte Dress Hire
  • Limited options – Unfortunately, some dress rentals only have limited options when it comes to the designs. The choices aren’t even as broad as you think they are. If you want a specific style or design, getting it on a rental service may not be your ideal option. Most of the time, alterations are not also available when hiring a dress online.
  • Liability costs – When an accident happens, you may be responsible for the significant damages incurred by elegant wedding dresses. Whether it’s a lipstick stain or busted seams, renting a dress may bring about unnecessary liability costs on your end.
  • Online order – What’s risky in renting an elegant wedding dresses online is that the one that arrives in your doorstep can be entirely different from the one in the picture, which spells disaster. On the other hand, most dress hire services will give you an opportunity to try the dress of your choice before committing to rent it later on. However, this option comes with a cost.
  • Extra Fees – When opting for a dress rental, you should be ready for the additional fees, which include the insurance and shipping fees. Be sure to read and understand the fine print so you know your responsibilities.
Buying a Dress For Your Wedding Day Marrying the love of your life is one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. That is why you dream of having your own elegant wedding dresses to cherish for a lifetime. Thus, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying a dress for your wedding. Pros
  • No restriction regarding choice and alterations – One of the advantages of buying a dress is the opportunity to choose your style and make modifications as needed. You’ll also be able to exercise your creativity if you have your own dress.
  • Unlimited dress options – You don’t have to limit yourself when you’re buying elegant wedding dresses. Unlike certain rental shops, you don’t need an extensive search before you can wear the best dress on your wedding day as there are a lot of beautiful dresses to choose from. Not only that but you can even have a drawing of your bridal gown and have the shop customize a dress for you.
  • Expensive – Having your own wedding dress can be very expensive. Hence, you have to consider whether you can afford it before spending your money.
  • Dress maintenance costs – Of course, you’ll not buy a dress to pack it away and let it dust after your wedding. You need to get the services of a wedding preservationist who’ll maintain your dress. However, getting your dress to look as pristine as possible entails – again – costs.
  • Used only once – Sometimes, it’s impractical to invest a lot of money buying an elegant wedding dresses because you’re only going to wear it once, unlike the other dresses that you can wear multiple times to several events.
Whether you’re renting a dress online or buying one, it’s essential to consider their pros and cons. Start sketching your dream dress should you decide to have your own. You may also browse the collection of Designer Dress Hire Perth to give you an idea of what kind of dresses you can get for yourself should you decide to rent one. Whatever your decision may be, the best dress on your wedding day is the one that you wear with a loving smile and genuine confidence.

Elegant Wedding Dresses With A Bit Of Color

We sketch so many amazing styles that when we do receive that photo with that punch of color it really is a fun piece to create.  I have collected a few lovelies that I found on Etsy. Feel free to click on the photo to be taken to their store where you can view more of their creative works of art. elegant wedding dresses

So much attitude and spunk. Etsy Source.

elegant wedding dresses

I love this black flower accent. Etsy Source.

elegant wedding dresses

Very soft and sweet. Etsy Source.

elegant wedding dresses

So bold and daring. Etsy Source.

elegant wedding dress

Just that perfect pop of color. Etsy Source. 

elegant wedding dressSo retro and fun. Etsy Source. 

elegant wedding dressThe trailing ribbon is our favorite. Etsy Source. 

elegant wedding dress

Silk is such an amazing touch. Etsy Source. 

elegant wedding dress

So romantic and soft. Etsy source. 

elegant wedding dressFree-spirited and so lovely. Etsy Source. 

BHLDN Wedding Dress

Build your own look with wedding separates by BHLDN Wedding Dress Shop. This dreamy idea is what every little girl has been dreaming of. The wedding separates trend is so easy, as they have a unique mix and match tool, which allows you to picture your dream wedding dress. You can combine wedding corsets with a bridal skirt. Being able to have a little part in creating your own wedding dress is truly magical. To be able to show off your style with a little help from a designer is just amazing. As you design your wedding dress they have stylists available to help you. Time to create you dream wedding dress – click here.

BHLDN Wedding Dress

bhldn wedding dress

3 Ways to Style Bridal Jumpsuits

Unless you have been living under a rock then you have heard the buzz about these bridal jumpsuits that have really taken over the bridal scene. A traditional white wedding gown is not only beautiful but a timeless piece that every little girl dreams of. Putting on one day, but as society advances, so does fashion. Today, it is very common to see women wearing untraditional elegant wedding dresses down the aisle.  Like red or black gowns or even short dresses that cut off right above the knee. However, really climbing the charts in popularity are bridal jumpsuits! Versatile and functional, jumpsuits are for chic brides looking to make a statement that prefers to be comfortable on their big day. If you are interested in not restricting yourself on the dance floor due to pounds of tulle on your big day, then keep reading because we will tell you 3 ways to style your bridal jumpsuit.

Know your body type!

If you made the decision to rock a modern bridal jumpsuit on your wedding day then it is very important to know your body type to find the best style. Brides come in many different shapes and sizes with the most popular body types being athletic, hourglass, apple, and pear.

Bridal Jumpsuits With Style

  • Athletic- If you have an athletic body shape, then your frame is pretty straight with your shoulders, waist, and hip measurements being about the same. Try a bridal jumpsuit that cinches at the waist to give the appearance of curves.
  • Hourglass- If you have an hourglass body shape, then your bust and hips measure about the same and you have a defined waist. Compliment your curves with a form-fitting bodice that cinches your waist.
  • Apple- If you have an apple body shape, you typically have a larger bust with round shoulders that are wider than your hips. Style your shape with a bridal jumpsuit that features a V-neck to slim down your bust line.
  • Pear- If you have a pear body type, then your hips are typically larger than your shoulders. Try a bridal jumpsuit that shows off your collarbones to draw away attention to the heavier portion of your body being your hips. Off the shoulder, jumpsuits are a very popular choice for this body type.

Accessorize your bridal jumpsuit!

Style your chic wedding jumpsuit with accessories like a bridal belt to help glam up your look. Bridal belts are a beautiful choice that will cinch your waist helping to accentuate your curves. A belt will help you to appear slimmer and is highly flattering! If you are wanting to really break the mold of tradition, reach for a belt. One that is in a contrasting color to add a new dimension to your bridal attire!

Find the right shoe

Bridal jumpsuits tend to draw the eye down because of their long length. To counterbalance this, it is important to style your jumpsuit with a great heel. If you are wearing a simple jumpsuit with not many embellishments, try pointed heel pumps with a jeweled bow or rhinestones to help add a splash of glam to your look. If your bridal jumpsuit is embellished with beautiful beading and embroidery, stick to a simple heel in one tone. Getting married is such an exciting time but finding the right jumpsuit can be a little challenging. There is an endless amount of options on the market with so many fun and unique ways to style your bridal look! If you are searching for a great jumpsuit to wear on your wedding day, first make sure that you know your body type. Find the most flattering jumpsuit for you. Style your bridal jumpsuit with accessories like a gorgeous bridal belt to help.  It will add an extra layer of glam and finish your look with an awesome shoe. With these three tips, we know that you will look absolutely flawless rocking your bridal jumpsuit on your big day!

Brighton Belle by True Bride – Tea Length Wedding Dress

elegant wedding dress elegant wedding dress elegant wedding dress elegant wedding dress Blush wedding dresses? A long time ago brides did not wear white wedding dresses. White is very difficult to keep clean and so it was a luxury to have a white wedding dress.  In 1840 Queen Victoria walked down the aisle in white elegant wedding dresses, which is where the trend began. A blush elegant wedding dresses are so flattering and elegant on a bride. Are you looking forward to walking down the aisle with the love of your love is one of many options for 2017 wedding dresses? You definitely would want to look stunning not only to him but also to everyone who will be attending your wedding, right? Well, it is no doubt that one of the most effective and proven ways to stand out at a wedding is getting an amazing, unique, and, if possible, a never-seen-before kind of elegant wedding dresses. However, getting such wedding dresses is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of homework done right. It also needs a lot of consulting here and there – friends, family, and professionals in the whole wedding industry, in order to better understand what you should look for in your gown.

2017 Wedding Dresses Important factors when buying your elegant wedding dresses

Location and time

Knowing your wedding place and time will help you a big deal in narrowing down your search for elegant wedding dresses. For instance, will you have a beach wedding? Will your wedding ceremony take place during the day or at night? Will you exchange your vows in a candlelit venue? These are some of the questions that you will need to answer in order to choose the best and most appropriate elegant wedding dresses. However, that said and done, it must also be said that the most elegant wedding dresses available today can be all-year-round. But, at the same time, keep in mind that if your wedding will take place during warm weather, then it would be advisable to go for linen or organdy and in the case of winter, pick something of velvet or brocade.

What is your budget?

Sit yourself down, or with your other half, and make up your minds on how much you guys are ready to part with in getting a wedding dress. That is absolutely important. Know the accessories that you will also need. Usually, a wedding ensemble includes a veil, accessories, and undergarments. Some of these accessories may account for as much as 15 percent of the whole amount. In case of shipping, consider the fee for the same. In addition, you will also need to consider that you might need professional steaming or pressing once you receive your wedding dress. Take into account all these charges and budget properly to avoid any unforeseen charges.

Start planning early

When planning to get a wedding dress, it pays a lot to start planning on how you will get it much early. Avoid any kind of last-minute rush. It is normally advisable to start shipping your dress five to eight months before your wedding day. That is mainly for the reason that it typically takes several months for a manufacturer to make a wedding dress and finally ship it. Consider the fact that you might also need some time for alterations. In the event that time catches up with you, approach some stores that are known to rush orders for wedding gowns but in that case. You will need to cough a bit more dollars. Once you’re satisfied, place your order and you will have your choice of elegant wedding dresses.

Do your homework right

Do your research right and know every single detail that might affect the look of your wedding dress. For example, know exactly the shade of color that you want; where to get the best gown at a good rate, and look out for any platform that will give you a good discount. Also, be clear on the type of wedding dress that you want, is it long sleeve elegant wedding dresses, is it elegant or country wedding dresses or even maternity wedding dresses to name a few? There you go! These are some of the most important tips to consider when looking forward to getting one of the beautiful 2017 wedding dresses. If you still need more inspiration check out the 10 most beautiful celebrity brides of all-time –GroomStand
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Oh My Veil
wedding dress tips wedding dress cheat sheetwedding dress tips Monique Lhuillier designs capture the essence of sophisticated luxury by provoking femininity, allure and glamour that have made her renowned in the world of design. Monique’s innate sense of style is prevalent throughout her bridal and ready-to-wear collections. Monique Lhuillier designs