Dog Wedding Ideas

For so many couples, having their pet in their wedding is an important part of their special day. In fact, more and more people are choosing to involve their fur-babies in their ceremony and the reception, as there are so many dog wedding ideas. And yes…your cat, horse or anyone else furry who is important to you should be part of your magical day.

Wedding Sketch With Your Best Pal

A perfect wedding day gift to each other. Include your gown, suit, bouquet, and your furry pal. You could place the sketch at the reception for your guests to sign the mat frame, as your alternative wedding guest book.

Buy Now – Wedding & Pet Sketch 

pet sketch dog sketch puppy sketch However, pets at your wedding can present a number of complications. It’s important you take the time to consider those potential wedding pet problems and how to fix them so your day is seamless should be a part of your wedding planning. As cute as it is to a dog or cat in a tuxedo, there are other things to think about to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly for you, your guests, and the animal, as dog training may be a crucial part of making sure your wedding is a success.

10 Dog Wedding Ideas

1. Dog Wedding Ideas With Golden Retrievers

Gold Retrievers with a leafy necklace to match the bride’s bouquet is a perfect accessory for them.  What a perfect way they included their golden retrievers in their wedding. And the wedding photos with your favorite pooch is so darn cute.

2. Dog Weddings

There are so many ways to include your dog in your wedding. Whether it is the engagement photos, at the wedding or even on your honeymoon you can include your furry loved one from the beginning to the end. They also make for a great photo opp. PawStruck Paw Struck

3. Pet Wedding Ideas

This peachy pastel wedding is just lovely and having your dog be a part of your wedding day and wear flowers and greenery to match the bouquet is so sweet. And this photo…all about your dog is such a special photo. Everything about this is just so perfect and magical on your wedding day.
pet weddings
Photo by Katherine Beasley Photography

4. Dog Wedding Photo

This amazing wedding is just divine and the inclusion of their pup is just so special and meaningful. Having your wedding photos include your dog is such a great wedding memory to have captured.
dog wedding
Photo by Jaimee Morse

5. Dog Wedding Photos

These wedding dog photos are just amazing! The outside feel with the bride, groom and their fur babies are so special. They have done such a wonderful job including them on their special wedding day.
dog wedding ideas
Photo by Kara Evans

6. Dog Wedding Ideas With Your Small or Large Pup

We love these dog wedding photos. Your pet plays such a key part of the newlywed’s life so to include them in your wedding just makes sense. We love how these dogs are all primped up tuxedos, suits and roses and greenery around their necks. Such a great wedding photo.
dog weddings
Credits (from top left): Viera Photographic / Vi-An Nguyen / Abryan Photo / Photo Love Photography / Ben Q. Photography / Andi Mans Photography & Design / Toni Kami Pinterest / Laura Ryan Photography

7. Dog Best Man

We love this wedding with the pop of colors from the bouquet and the doggie necklace of wedding flowers.  Such a great contrast in colors…everything ties in so well together.
dog wedding ideas
Photo by One Oak Photo

8. Dog Wedding Ideas In A Vineyard

We love how this golden pup fits in so well with the vineyard wedding. The beautiful bride and pup with the handsome groom truly make for an incredible photo opp.
dog wedding ideas
Photo by Kelly Lemon Photography

9. Dog Flower Girl

This is just the cutest shot! Two adorable flower girls! Including your dog in your wedding, as a flower girl is just the sweetest.

10. Dog Ring Bearer

This couple’s woodland wedding in the woods is just magical. They also found a great role for their dog as the ring bearer.
dog wedding ideas
Photo by Dale Weeks Photography

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