Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

A wedding is an occasion of pure bliss and joy. One of the first steps to organizing a wedding is to decide the date. Once the date is fixed, the venue and the other arrangements start to take shape. One crucial step in this is informing others – friends, family, and acquaintances – about the upcoming event.

Traditionally, wedding cards around the world are paper-printed invitation cards that follow a set pattern. However, in recent times, thanks to the evolution of the digital medium, many would-be couples are choosing to send digital wedding invitations.

The advantage is that while paper invitations can be limited in their ideas or expressions, unlimited creativity, and innovative ideas can be embedded with the online medium. Digital wedding invitations can be in the form of short presentations, pictures combined with the textual matter, or videos.

Video wedding invitations are here to stay as it gives the creator great freedom to word and displays different elements on the invitation as per their choice. With many free and paid video editing tools and software out there, there is nothing stopping recently engaged couples from sharing the news with their close coterie via nicely created video invitations.

If you plan to join the bandwagon and want to send out e-invites to your guests, here are some great video wedding invitation ideas.

7 Creative Ideas For Making Stunning Wedding Video Invitations


1. Theme-based video wedding invitation

Themed videos are one of the most popular choices for creating video wedding invitations. There is a myriad of ideas and themes that couples can choose from. For example, you could go for a Bollywood or Hollywood-themed or even regional film-themed video.

Then, with web streaming services, there are many web-based movies and shows that top the charts, say, The Stranger Things or Harry Potter series. As long as you choose the right software to edit the video, your invitation is in safe hands.

A powerful invitation maker like InVideo can make your life easy, thanks to its wide range of ready-to-use templates and themes, libraries, and background audio clips. It also has features that allow you to readily share the completed video on social media.

Few other themes include floral backdrop, seasonal themes like summer and winter, regional or country-specific themes, gods and goddesses, vintage and contemporary themes, rural or metropolitan themes, etc. 

You can get more creative and match your invitation theme with your wedding theme, letting your guests catch a glimpse of what is in store for them at the main event.

2. Your story video

We human beings love stories, and what could make your wedding invitation even more appealing is showing the same as a video. If you want to strike a chord and make it nostalgically enjoyable, include your life’s stories as the perfect backdrop for your wedding video invitation. Of course, you do not have to hire artists to enact your story or film it.

With the help of a robust video editor like InVideo, you can use your still photographs in the wedding invitation templates to narrate your tale. Beginning from your childhood to how you met, including snippets from your parents and how they feel about their would-be daughter-in-law or son-in-law, your originality can make the invitation highly impressive. 

3.  Stop motion videos

This is where you can exhibit your imaginative powers like never before. The good news is that you can easily use your smartphone to make a stop motion video to capture physical objects in different positions in each frame and then use a good video editor to make a stop motion video invitation for your wedding.

Since you can use any inanimate object in such videos, you have enough potential to add various flavors to the video – romance, humor, passion, excitement, mystery, and so on. You can also get in touch with a professional editor to create the best invitation for your wedding.

4.  Caricature videos

This kind of video invitation can be cute and funny and bring a smile to the receiver’s face. The first step for making caricature videos is to make cartoon faces. So, it would help if you decided the characters – the newly-engaged couple, parents, etc. The facial contours like the nose, eyes, and mouth are the key focus areas here.

With the help of an online video editor, you can animate the cartoons and then use the same to make your virtual invite. Remember that caricatures or cartoons can look comical – so, ensure that you take the permission of all the concerned parties before using their cartoon faces.

5.  Text-based wedding card

Just because you have chosen to go paperless does not mean that you cannot opt for a minimalist and straightforward wedding card. You can also use simple text to create an impressive video wedding invitation. Remember that you might want to experiment with visual aesthetics and appeal since it is a digital medium.

With InVideo, you can animate the text matter to add an interesting element. You can browse through various options available in the InVideo app for the best results.

6.  Passion and hobby video invite

If you and your partner share similar hobbies or passions, showcasing them through a video and converting it into an invitation makes perfect sense. For example, both of you could be ardent car drivers or love gardening, traveling, hiking, camping, playing online games, etc.

Choose any one or two areas of interest and then create some magical words to connect the hobbies and the life ahead. Not only does it make the invitation special and personalized to your event, but it also makes it interesting to the person receiving the invite. 

7.  Traditions video wedding invitation

The love for traditions runs high in many communities across the world. If you wish to insert some traditional aspects into the wedding invite, you can put together short clips from recently held rituals like your engagement and use them to make your invitation.

You can also use stock videos of wedding ceremonies to create the perfect invitation e-card. Search online or even in the library section of your video editor tool, and you will come across thousands of such videos. 

There are many creative and unique ways to create a special e-card for your wedding invitation. Make sure to use your creativity and imagination to make a memorable video wedding invite.