Cowgirl Boots & Bridesmaids – Tips To Pull It Off At Your Wedding

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Wedding shoes are an interesting component of your overall look. While some brides consider wearing fashionable shoes that exude their personality, others think more about their comfort on that big day. Many women turn to sexy heeled shoes to wear with their bridal gown, but some are drawn to the rustic look of cowgirl boots.

If you’re planning to have an outdoor and country-style wedding, wearing boots under your wedding gown will add more personality into your look. You can also have your bridesmaids and other members of the bridal entourage sport the same look as yours. If you’re wondering how you can pull this look off, here are some tips for you to look at:

Think about the Length of Your Wedding Dress

In choosing the kind of cowgirl boots that’s perfect, check out the length of your dress. If you’ve chosen a long bridal gown that would conceal your legs, choosing ankle-height boots could be your best choice. However, a shorter dress may allow you to show off that pretty knee-high boots you’ve been eyeing. This look is truly chic and cozy.

Here are some dresses that would look stunning with knee-high boots:

  • Dresses with short hems that come around above the knees or mid-thighs.
  • Dresses with a handkerchief hem.
  • Other dresses with uneven hemlines such as v-shaped ones where the sides are short, and the front and back are longer.

These styles would look great with ankle-high boots:

  • Long dresses with a small slit along one leg allows you to still show off your boots.
  • High-low hemlines are also ideal for wearing cowgirl boots since you still can show your boots.

Consider the Perfect Color to Go with Your Dress and Motif

The great thing about boot colors is that most of them are neutral, which are fantastic for most wedding motifs.

  • Cowgirl boots in dark brown color can create an attention-grabbing look against a white wedding dress.
  • If you don’t want this dark brown look, you can also choose from other colors, including tan, light brown, or black boots.
  • You can also find cowgirl boots in off-white and other colors.
  • The idea is to find wedding cowgirl boots with minimal embellishments that goes with your dress. You can also consider including your wedding colors into your boots’ embellishments.
  • Generally, any neutral shade of leather will easily match stunningly with any wedding colors. You will rock this look for sure.
  • To be safe, check different colors against your wedding dress to achieve the look you’re going for.

Consider Cowgirl Boots Embellishments

If you’ve chosen a wedding dress that already has plenty of embellishments such as laces or sparkles, a good choice in boots is a simple one. This way, your look won’t be too busy.

If you’re going to wear a simple dress, you can always add more oomph to your look by choosing something with pretty embellishments. Think about patterns, sequins, gemstones, and cutouts in your cowgirl boots.

Don’t Forget to Break Those Boots In

Although cowgirl boots are equated to comfort, they’re not as comfortable before breaking them in. There are various ways to do this, including using a boot stretching spray or boot stretchers. You can also bring them to a professional for this task. Once this is done, you can be sure that you can confidently walk in that sultry southern look wearing wedding cowgirl boots.

For Your Bridesmaids

Deciding to have your bridesmaids wear cowgirl boots on your wedding is a splendid idea, too. Your bridesmaids will surely be delighted to know that they’re choosing a pair of boots to wear on your big day.

Especially for outdoor weddings, your bridesmaids have one less thing to worry about—their heels getting stuck on the ground or getting a pretty pair of shoes dirty. With cowgirl boots, your bridesmaids can comfortably pose for the pictures and even party their hearts out after the wedding ceremony.

In choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses, you’d want to decide if you want to make their cowgirl boots a feature in their outfit or not. If you’d like to impress the guests with your bridesmaids’ cowgirl boots, choose a short party dress for them. If you’d rather keep the boots hidden, longer dresses can also work, too.

Final Thoughts

It’s totally understandable to choose cowgirl boots to wear on your wedding instead of high-heeled shoes. They are stylish, comfortable, and they complete that laid-back country look you’re going for. Not only are these boots comfy and chic, but they’ll also look great in your wedding photos. So, if you and your bridesmaids are up for this Western look, go for it!

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