Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]

bride gift from groom


Wedding Day Gift To Bride She Will Truly Love

Give her a handcrafted piece of art of her dress. A dress she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl.
Everything is kept from you. You will receive a link you can share with the person who has the photos or the dress designer’s website.




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Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]


Wedding Day Gift To Bride Of Her Wedding Dress


Bride Gift Wedding Day

The bride gift from groom is a great way to start your wedding day, as part of your groom responsibilities.  Wedding, the union of two individuals, is taking place all over the world, for ages with a variety of customs and traditions which kept coming and going including the wedding gift.

It has been in practice since the 1100s. But you will find it interesting that during this period when the groom had to give a gift traditionally to the bride, the wedding was not based on love and romance!  The wedding day bride gift for her from the groom has been around for many, many years.

The absolute history of tradition has been lost through the mists of time and is indeed a tradition that is become a little forgotten.

gift for bride on wedding day


“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”
Unknown Author


In Norway, the tradition of the bride gift from groom was a folk tradition and was alive till the mid-1800s; but after that, a Norwegian law arrived which eliminated the bride’s right to such gifts.

Whether you are giving a bride gift from groom or you are giving a wedding gift from the bride to groom we have provided you with a few of our favorite top 10 wedding gift ideas to each other.  I am a huge fan of all the lovelies on Etsy and you can see their amazing talent below.

day of wedding gifts for bride

Day Of The Wedding Gift For Bride

Present her with a sketch of her wedding dress, your suit and so much more. Have someone email us photos of her dress or even the link for the dress designer. Everything will be kept from you so you will not see her dress before the big day and a really great wedding surprise for your bride.

groom gift for bride on wedding day

Why A Personal Wedding Dress Sketch

  • It’s the most important dress she will EVER wear
  • She has been dreaming of her “princess dress” since she was a little girl
  • You will get to take her breath away

Haven’t seen her dress?

  • No worries. We keep this all very top secret. Have the maid-of-honor, mother, sister, etc. email us photos. When you order, include their email address as well as their address to where to ship the sketch. You will be kept from all the dress details.

Order your day of the wedding gift for bride today!

  • Don’t wait until the last minute, check this off your wedding to-do list.

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Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]

Gifts For Bride Wedding Day – Her Wedding Dress Sketched & Framed

The bride gift from groom tradition has a multitude of potential sources that range from fertility rites to proof the man has some form of security to the exchange of land between families. No matter where or how the tradition started the Bridal Gift is a truly special part of any modern-day marriage whether it be Christian, Jewish, Hindu or even Goth. Wedding traditions.

bride gifts from groom on wedding day

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Bride Gift Ideas From Groom

Looking for a wedding night gift that ‘just married gift’ has to be perfect – personal, intimate, and will sweep her off her feet or maybe it is fun and silly.  We have found a few gift ideas to help you get started in finding the perfect wedding night gift for your bride that she will truly love.

Wedding Night Gift

Wedding night gift ideas for wife requires thought and needs to come from the heart.  The world today is a great deal more material than it was many years ago. The wedding gift for wife really should be a gift from the heart and something you know she will truly adore.

In medieval times the gift was often something as simple, which was a handpicked bunch of flowers and it came from the heart. Flower ideas are a great wedding day gift to the bride from the groom, especially in a sketch with her wedding dress.

wedding gift from groom to bride

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
When Harry Met Sally

Groom To Bride Gift Ideas

There is a historical notion that suggests the gift is meant to show the worth of man to the family of the bride.  However, the wedding day gift to bride has become less a symbol of status and more a token of love. As the rings symbolize so much the Bridal Gift should do the same.

The wedding ring is something the world and its brother can see that says “hey I am married to an amazing person”. The wedding day gift to bride is a more intimate expression of the same with far more meaning in so many ways.

bride wedding gift from groom

In times of war, when the groom was often only home to get married, and then sent back off to fight again the Bridal Gift was often more important than the rings. Lockets with a photo of the man were often given. Something to keep close and keep the love alive while the man was away.

Never knowing if he may come back was important and surely this sentiment as important today as it was then.

Bride Gifts From Groom On Wedding Day

Something personal, something about the people you are. Or something that is just simple, precious, and special is what the wedding day gift to bride should be. The importance of the gift is not in the gift but in the meaning and the giving.  It is a vital part of marriage in modern society to give a traditional groom to bride gift.

Bride Gift From Groom [2 Day Turnaround]

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Groom Gifts To Bride On Wedding Day

You can arrive at the church late, the bride can be delayed, the weather might not play out. But your wedding and your marriage can have the most amazing start that will last forever with the right wedding day gift to bride. The importance of a gift may seem small.  In truth, the small gift could be and perhaps should be the most important gift of all.

The gift from the groom is meant to show a level of understanding between the man and his wife to be. It’s supposed to be a thoughtful and meaningful wedding day gift to bride. A wedding day gift is the chance to show that the man knows truly knows his bride.

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