Bridal Bouquet DIY

Elegant Bridal Bouquet DIY Guide

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand – your bridal bouquet DIY will help you along the way. There’s a reason why no bride would ever choose to have a wedding that is devoid of flowers as part of her wedding planning. Not only do they have brightly colored petals that can add aesthetic value to every decor, but flowers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them a perfect fit for bouquets. Enter Bridal Bouquets.

Bridal Bouquet diy is will lay the foundation of your wedding day floral themes, making them the most vital accessory for the doting couple, on their special day. These bouquets will follow you everywhere on your wedding day, from the moment you dress up, greet guests, walk down the aisle, say your vows and relish in the sanctuary of love. 

bridal bouquet diy
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Bridal Bouquet DIY Steps

They will also be featured in every photo to be saved for a lifetime, so the real question is, how to construct a perfect Bridal Bouquet? Florists can only provide you with the portfolio of flowers they have, but it is your responsibility to be more knowledgable about delightful pairings, and that is why we have a comprehensive guide for you. After all, it is your wedding day!

Finalize Your Wedding Dress Before Starting

This tip is really important. Given the fact that the theme of your bouquet will be derivative of the bridal dress design before you tread the path of constructing a bridal bouquet, make sure your dress is done. Also, try to go for a wedding dress that has elegant themes, that can be translated with pairings of flowers as well.

Follow A Theme

Elaborate events such as weddings always follow a decor theme. Make sure that bridal bouquets fuse elegantly within this, rather than appearing as an outcast. When you meet your florist for the first time, convey the inspiration behind your special day, and layout a theme for them to follow.

Every wedding has a different vibe that can either be heightened with complementing accessories, or get lost in translation by overshadowing elements. For example, if your wedding is following an all-out vibrant theme that doesn’t shy away from the display of bold color palettes, then a good starting point can be designing a Bridal Bouquet that is energetic, youthful and bold.

If the theme is more formal and basic in nature, then preferring simple floral arrangements with geometric designs can add to the display of grandeur and majesty.

Bridal Bouquet DIY
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The Shape and Size Should Complement Your Dress -Bridal Bouquet DIY

Since Bridal Bouquets are an accessory that is supposed to complement your overall look, they should not be overpowering. To get a feel of your size options its best to get in touch with seasoned shops such as the Hollywood Florist. Don’t go for sizes that hide your waistline, or the block the embroidery and themes of your gown.

Also, look consider constructing Bouquets that can pair well with the features of your dress. For instance, if you have a gown that has a royal-trail or a long bustle at the back then consider balancing the overall look with a pronounced bouquet.

Go For Seasonal Flowers

Some flowers are not available in every season, and getting them can be extremely expensive. Make sure that you opt for seasonal flowers. Not only will they be widely available and have a sustained supply, but they also will be considerably cheap than their counterparts that are out-of-season. 

The quality of flower-produce is also determined if they are in season or not. Bouquets can only be visually impactful as a pairing if they are ladened with fresh, high-quality flowers that are naturally grown, rather than artificially preserved. It is highly likely that out-of-season flowers also wilt quickly, leaving devastating effects on the final display of your prized wedding bouquet.

Personalize The Bouquet 

It is your special day, and every detail should convey a special meaning you hold close. Bridal bouquets should be no different. We suggest that you try incorporating flowers that have you feel a sense of attachment with. This can be as simple as the first type of rose you were gifted by the significant other.

To add a personal dimension to the construction, you can also include tiny accessories within the bouquet. For example, if you have a family heirloom such as a unique broch, favorite color preference, or anything that you hold dear, ask your florist to incorporate it within the stems. This will woo your guests, and grant your family a cherished memory for years to come. 

Give Due Consideration To Comfort – Bridal Bouquet DIY

Remember that Bridal Bouquets are held by the bride throughout the proceedings of the wedding. If holding the bouquet is a daunting task, then it is highly likely that the spirit of celebration is diluted by the discomfort offered by the flowers.

Make sure that you get a bouquet that is super-comfortable to hold. Ask your florist to tie the stems together tightly, and then wrap a comfortable brace around their ends so that, it is easy to hold. Don’t get fooled by the excitement and end up getting a bouquet that is inconvenient to carry and makes you crouch or stand in an inclined posture. It will end up ruining your wedding experience.

Preserve It To Last All Day

Once you are done with the initial festivity of the wedding day, make sure that you preserve the wedding bouquet. Flowers will naturally wilt if their stems are kept dehydrated for a long period of time. 

Once the clock of evening strikes, make sure that you rejuvenate it by chopping off a couple of centimeters of the stems and resting it in water. This will refresh it for the wedding dinner, making it ready again for the embrace of cameras. If you are too busy then you might as well ask a bridesmaid or your mum.

Relish The Bouquet And Keep It With You

Everything associated with your wedding day is worth keeping for the rest of your lives, and wedding bouquets are no different. Preserve the beautiful bunch of flowers for days to come, as they will serve as a token that celebrates the grand spectacle of love, compassion, and adoration with the above steps for your bridal bouquet diy.

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