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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. Source: Pat Flynn

What you will receive from the affiliate program?

  • 10% commission on each order placed. The average order is $379 and goes up to $1,000
  • $.70 per 100 visitors to our website.
  • If you are a wedding site you can receive one sketch of a wedding dress valued at $170 to offer as a giveaway, have for yourself, or to gift, as well as share on your website, social media sites, and in email blasts, at 50% off, once Dreamlines is placed on your website. (limited time offer for July and August 2020 sign-ups.)
  • I will feature you on my social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and We Heart It once Dreamlines is placed on your website.
  • 365-day cookie for our website URL that is tied to your affiliate account.
  • No-follow direct affiliate links.
  • Pre-created images are available, as well as custom-created images or banners per your request to fit your website and style. (free of charge).
  • Promotional use of a free shipping coupon code for orders in the USA: ‘Free Shipping’
  • Every referral, sale, and processing of the payments are easily tracked and handled within your personal affiliate account.
  • Customer service assistance: Nikki Gentry   |   |   314-884-1659.

How does the affiliate program work?

  • Create a free account within 5 minutes: Dreamlines Affiliate Account
  • You will receive a thank-you email.
  • Login in to your affiliate account: Login
    • Overview Tab:  You will find suggested links with your affiliate link that you can use on your website, social media sites, and email blasts to direct your visitors to Dreamlines.
    • Banners Tab:    You will find images for your use with your affiliate link within the code you can place on your website.
  • A visitor clicks on your direct affiliate link, from your website, social media or email, and is taken to Dreamlines.
  • The cookies allow the customer to come back to our site to order within 365 days, which allows you to benefit by earning 10% on their order.
  • The visitor purchases a sketch.
  • Your affiliate account will show the purchase and 10% of the sales value.
  • You will be paid 10% of the sales value the following month on the 1st by 8 am CST.

Affiliate Program Policy

  • You can use the brand name ‘Dreamlines’. Below you will also see our best selling keywords.
  • You cannot use the focus keyword  ‘Wedding Dress Sketch’, ‘Wedding Gown Sketch’, ‘Dress Sketch’, or ‘Gown Sketch’.
  • Promotional use of a free shipping coupon code for orders in the USA: ‘Free Shipping’
  • A tax ID is required because affiliates in the US must report earnings over $600 to the IRS.
  • If we don’t feel your business is a good fit for our product we will remove you from the program. Please chat with us if you are not a wedding business.

Products Sold / Best Selling Keywords

We have created thousands of wedding sketch gifts for happy couples all over the world. Given as anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, bridal shower gifts and so much more. We offer a 10% commission on a single order. The average order is $379 and goes up to $1,000.  You can view our products here: Dreamlines. Click on each product below so you can use that URL for the links and banner tabs within your affiliate account. From The Husband From The Groom From The Wedding Guest Seasonal Gifts: Wedding:


Feel free to copy and paste the below, add or edit to fit your writing style. Replace ‘keyword’ with any of the best selling keywords listed above. Post 1 We are just loving this amazing ‘keyword’ idea from Dreamlines. From just a few photos a sketch can be created of her wedding dress, along with the suit, bouquet, veil and so much more. Post 2 Has she been dreaming of her dress since she was a little girl? Give her a handcrafted sketch of her wedding dress. Her dress immortalized as art. It makes for the perfect ‘keyword’. Post 3 A beautiful sketch created of the wedding dress, bouquet, veil, shoes, and even the suit is a perfect ‘keyword’ for her. A breathtaking gift of the most magical day of her life.

Affiliate Program Banner Examples

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