8 Steps to Manage Wedding Planning in a Short Time

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We’ve all been dreaming about that perfect day when we celebrate our love with our partner for life so wedding planning is key. Our wedding day has always been something magical we’ve been looking forward to since the youngest age. However, it’s one thing to dream about it and it’s another thing to actually organize it.

Organizing a wedding is great if you start planning it long before the actual date. However, if you’re short on time and haven’t got months to put it together, you definitely need guidance. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 8 steps you can follow to your dream wedding. Let’s get started.

Wedding Planning Tips


1. The Budget

Yes, we’re aware that this isn’t the most romantic word you can relate to wedding planning, however, it’s crucial for your project.

Setting a budget for your wedding is absolutely necessary if you want things to work out smoothly.

Therefore, sit down with your partner and decide how much money are you ready to invest in your magical day. Once you set a number, you can start planning.wedding planning

2. Guest List

You’ve got to start somewhere, and there’s nothing you can do unless you know how big or small your wedding is going to be.

You need to talk to your partner and start putting together a list of the people you want to see at your wedding:

– family

– friends

– business associates

– neighbors

Some people prefer a small guest list while others want to throw a huge party. Make a decision so you can continue planning.

3. The Venue

Once you know how many guests you’ll have, you can proceed to choose and book the perfect venue.

When choosing a venue, you need to consider:

– outdoors venues

– indoors venues

– the style

– the decoration

– your vision of your day

The venue needs to suit your personal style and help you enjoy that moment to the fullest. Book your venue so that someone doesn’t steal your date.wedding planning

4. The Band

If you want people to have fun at your wedding, you definitely need to find a band that can keep everyone entertained.

To find the perfect band, you need to decide:

– type of atmosphere do you want them to create

– kind of music do you want them to play

– will your guests enjoy the most

Once you find the answers to these questions, you can start looking for a specific band.

It would be best if you get the chance to hear them play live before you book them. You could attend their live show somewhere before making the call.

5. Photographer

You want to have an everlasting memory of your wedding day to share it with your grandkids and look at when you’re old.

This means that you need t hire a wedding photographer who can capture all the beautiful moments of the ceremony and the celebration.

You can look for a wedding photographer online, especially on social media.

Most of the best wedding photographers have social media profiles with:

– featured photos of their previous work

– their portfolio

– their contact information

This way, you can find a photographer based on what types of photos you want to have and simply contact the one you like the most.wedding planning

6. Decoration

Every wedding venue needs a bit of extra decoration to make it extra special.

You should go ahead and:

– imagine the perfect decoration for your wedding venue

– decide on what flowers, decorative materials, and colors you want

– look online for the best local decorators

– book the one which can understand your vision and turn it into reality

Make sure you find someone who understands exactly what you want and who can make your decoration dreams come true.

7. Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of every bride’s biggest concerns. Since you don’t have a lot of time to search for a wedding, it’s best that you gather a team of friends to help you out.

Here’s what you should do:

– invite your best friends, mom, or sister to help you out

– search online for the best bridal shops in town and dedicate an entire day to this adventure

– try out everything you like

– make a decision at the end of the day

You’ll have so much fun choosing your dress, and your team will help you out immensely.

8. The Invitations

Finally, you need to let the guests know you’re throwing a wedding party and they’re invited.

Your wedding invitations should be designed and printed as soon as possible, so as to inform your guests about the wedding on time.

To make this process faster, you could design your own invitations using a graphic design website such as Canva. The invitation should contain:

– the time and the place of the ceremony and the party

– a request for an RSVP You could even check out this best writing websites page to have someone help you out with the text.

Once they’re printed out, all you have to do is send them out and wait for a response.


When you’re planning a wedding on short notice, you need to focus on the priorities. The list provided above covers all the major steps you need to take in order to have a great wedding.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you out and now you can start planning your perfect wedding day!

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