7 Top Best Tips on How to be the Perfect Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid tips so when you picture this in your mind.  I need bridesmaid tips to help me; the best of your best friends has requested you to be among her bridesmaids on her big day. Her wedding. And, it is your first time to be one anyway, so, where do you start from? 

Bridesmaid Tips

Do you know what it takes to be the perfect bridesmaid? Well, that is critical to take your time and, at least, read around.  If you cannot ask your friends on how you will stand out on the occasion as the best bridesmaid. Here are important tips on to do exactly that, but not only the best but the prefect bridesmaid as well.


1.  Start on the right footing

It is advisable that you are readily available for any meetings, which means listen carefully from the minute the good news is relayed to you that you will be among the bridesmaids. That is because wedding planning requires really a lot.  Much may revolve around the bridesmaids as well. And, therefore, if you are regularly absent, you may end up missing very important information or updates.bridesmaid tips

2. Play a part in choosing bridesmaids’ dresses 

Make sure that you have played a role in finally settling the kind of bridesmaids’ dresses that will be used. Express your opinion and suggestions as well.

3.  Help the bride get as many ideas and inspiration as possible

Don’t leave your friend who is wedding to do everything by herself. At least step in and help her gather great ideas on various wedding ideas, which can range from the kind of after parties that she, together with her groom, can have, the type of wedding, whether outdoor or indoors wedding. You can take your search to the online world and follow wedding accounts and websites.

4. Visit the proposed wedding venue and familiarise yourself with the staff

Visiting the wedding venue will go a long way in creating a rapport with the staff, which will be there during the big day. That way, the staff will not see you a new people during the wedding day and, therefore, chances of things running smoothly will be very high.

5. Go for dress fittings

It is certainly essential to go for dress fittings before the final day, which will allow adjustments on the dress, if any.bridesmaid tips

6. Help organize for a bridal preparation

This is usually an extremely emotional time for nearly everybody involved, but that can be said more on the bride herself, because the wedding is regarded, mostly, as her big day so help her make her wedding day perfect. 

7.  Get a gift for the couple – sketch from Dreamlines

What and how would a wedding look and feel like without a perfect wedding gift? You definitely wouldn’t want to even think about that, right? Now, here is a good suggestion for you, which you can order a sketch from the renowned Dreamlines to gift your friend. That will certainly create memories for years to come. The gift will be a reminder of that big day.

There you have it! Follow these simple tips and you will be the perfect bridesmaid ever!

Have great bridesmaid tips?  Tell us about them below. 

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