6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Planner

Your wedding is a fascinating event of your life, especially when you’re planning one in a beautiful country such as Portugal! Albeit exciting, it can also tend to be quite overwhelming, and sometimes, the preparations that you have to do can be challenging. One of the people who’ll become your best friend throughout the whole process is your wedding planner. Your wedding planner will help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Here are the things that you should consider when choosing a wedding planner:


  1. You should set a budget


In all the preparations that you’ll have to do for your wedding, the budget should always be the top and most important consideration. When choosing from the numerous options, including Wedding Planner Portugal, ask about their total fee and what is included in this fee. You have to be open about laying the budget and costs on the table, to make sure that you stay within budget and you avoid any unnecessary financial stressors later on.


  1. You should trust your wedding planner


While you’re in the process of interviewing prospective wedding planners in Portugal, narrow your options down to the one whom you are most able to interact. More than anything else, you should be able to trust your planner enough to believe in them that they will turn your dream wedding into a reality. You and your wedding planner will be like each other’s best friend: when you’re starting to lose your wits and turn into bridezilla or groomzilla, your wedding planner will provide balance and calm down your stress and worries.


In connection with trustworthiness, your planner should be able to give you a resounding “no” if they think that your ideas are too much or won’t go together. Of course, this is your wedding, and your suggestion always matters. While it’s the job of your bridesmaids to say “yes,” your planner should be honest enough to give a “no, it just wouldn’t look good,” when that is nothing but the truth, and you should also trust them enough to believe in this “no.”


  1. Your wedding planner should present you with a contract


If possible, don’t enter into a working relationship with a wedding planner without first signing a contract. If the wedding planner cannot present you with a contract, then it’s best to look for another one instead. Remember that your wedding planner is considered as one of your wedding suppliers, and you’ll want to make sure that there is a document binding the two of you relating to costs, responsibilities, and limitations.


  1. Your wedding planner should present you with their portfolio


Always ask for the portfolio of your wedding planner. This portfolio will contain the following:


  • Themes that the planner specializes on
  • Weddings from previous clients
  • Feedback and comments from former clients
  • Rates and packages
  • Locations in Portugal that the wedding planner has done
  • Wedding suppliers in Portugal that the planner is affiliated with


It’s from your wedding planner’s portfolio that you can have an idea as to whether their style matches what you’re looking for or if you’re better off looking for another planner with expertise on your theme instead.


  1. Your chosen planner should be available on your wedding day itself


The availability of your chosen wedding planner is one of the most important considerations that you should remember. However, it’s also one of the most neglected to ask. If you want your planner to give you a hundred percent full attention and focus on your wedding day, do remember to ask if they have other weddings scheduled on that day.


Your wedding planner will most likely have a trusted team to back her up, in case of multiple bookings. If you’re comfortable with having only their team on your big day, then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you wish for your planner to be present on the day itself, then you should be very clear about your schedule and expectation.


  1. You should have an open line of communication with your wedding planner


Upon your first meeting with your wedding planner, do remember to ask about your communication lines. Do not just rely on your scheduled meetings and the e-mail address that your wedding planner can give you. If they can give you their mobile number, then that is a major plus, as this will mean that your planner is open to having an open line of communication with you. Especially if you live outside of Portugal, you should always have an open phone line, in case of any wedding concerns that you need answered immediately.


Aside from the means of communication, your wedding planner should also be a good listener and patient enough to address all your concerns, no matter how minute they may be.




Remember that even if you may feel that you can DIY your wedding to save on costs, a wedding planner will always be worth the added expense that you’ll incur. Your wedding planner will help you both become a happy and relaxed bride and groom. Additionally, your wedding planner will help you become confident that everything is in order for the big day, the most important and special day of your life as a couple.


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