6 Cool Accessories You Must Be Seen With at a Wedding

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One of your best friends has invited you to his wedding.

It’s his day and all about him, so the last thing you’ll want to do is upstage him.  All the same, you know he is a stylish guy, and what you turn up wearing will say a whole bunch not just about you, but about him also.  Roll up looking like you’ve been working in the garden and he’ll probably never forgive you. If you want to do what you can to make his day special, you’ll need to make a special effort too.  Here are a few items you’ll want to be seen in:

1. Suit and Handkerchief

It goes without saying that you should don your best and most appropriate suit for the big occasion, but you’d be amazed by how much difference you can make to the finished article by rounding it off with a subtle but distinctive pocket adornment.  A handkerchief or a pocket square brings out your jacket and makes all the difference between perfunctory and striking.

2. Suspenders

A set of snazzy men’s suspenders always brings out a fashionable, well-pressed shirt and emphasizes your impressive, well-honed masculine physique.  They can be in X-shape or Y-shape, wide or narrow, according to taste – and, of course, to suit your outfit. Men’s suspenders are great groomsmen accessories and can be the difference between bland and confident, understated or outspoken.  When it comes to adding a touch of style, never underestimate them.

3. Ties

Neck tie or bow tie?  When you come to make this decision you will usually need some guidance from your host.  Bow ties can easily look out of place if there isn’t an element of uniformity about them, although when all the male guests are wearing one there is seldom a better look.

When a bow tie isn’t called for a neck tie is a must.  As long as it isn’t too garish the only real requirement is that it is smart and goes with the rest of your outfit.  Use a tie pin to hold it together.

4. Shoes

There’s an old saying that you can tell the measure of a man by the shoes he wears.  These days casual shoes and trainers are commonplace, but needless to say they are totally inappropriate at a wedding.  Color is important, but mostly so because it needs to be in keeping with the rest of your outfit. Brogues are a good choice, and are widely available in most shades of black or brown.

5. Shades

Sunglasses can be cool, but in the wrong environment they can look pretentious or absurd.  Consider whether your shades are conducive to the occasion. Will you be mostly indoors or outdoors?  Is it summer or winter? Look smooth, but most of all, look right.

6. Links

Cuff links can make a good quality shirt look really special.  Don’t go for anything too outlandish, and wear them only if your outfit deserves them.  If you paid a dollar for your shirt at the market then nothing will highlight the fact like a pair of gleaming links.

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