13 Wedding Anniversary Quotes To Win the Heart

Looking for the best wedding anniversary quote?  We are here to help you with that and suggest good quotes and phrases to consider and tell during anniversary celebrations. You may easily take and use the ready-made texts.

Or you may also make minor amendments required for your occasion. Are you looking for good ideas on how to spend this day and make it memorable? We will start with that.

Wedding Anniversary Quote Suggestions for Any Occasion


Any anniversary is usually associated with something special, certain milestones that a couple of persons should pass. So, it is necessary to associate this occasion with pleasant moments and positive emotions. For instance, what means a wedding anniversary? This means you have passed together for a substantial time.

You empathize with that by making the occasion memorable. This event can be a new stage in your relations if you approach that well. Surely, you may wonder, “how can I make my anniversary memorable?” There is nothing difficult at this point, we may assure you. The range of ideas is extremely diverse.

The suggested rule is simple here – never postpone doing something you wholeheartedly wanted. You probably did that for various reasons. But, the anniversary is the right time to open the desired opportunity and enjoy it. This is a time to allow yourself something you extremely wanted. Allow this doing by yourself or presenting by other people.

Allow yourself more. Advance wedding anniversary planning will help you to find something special. Just imagine you will have a spot for making extremely good feelings. This is the right approach for adding new impressions to your life. Do you want to find out more ideas?

Wedding Anniversary Quotes On Your Anniversary


You know many people are shy about congratulating others. It is difficult to pick the right words and arrange them to say something well. The trick is simple here. The more you feel anxious about congratulating somebody – the more the risk you will look awkward.

So, the first point is to relax and remember something good about a couple you are going to congratulate. If you lack words, you may find various anniversary quotes as examples. Those phrases may inspire you immensely to create your strong congratulatory phrases.

Yes, you may not struggle to create something on your own. Simply refer to professional writers to resolve an issue. Or we have a good suggestion for you here. 


Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Wife


We will start with the most difficult. Usually, men find making those greetings extremely difficult. Yes, it is easier for them to take some actions, like presenting some gift or arranging a trip. Still, if you are this man and wonder what to say to your wife on your wedding anniversary, we have ready suggestions for you.

  • “My dear, It is a pleasure to share a lifetime with you. I want to thank you for all the amazing moments spent together. Love you wholeheartedly”.
  • “That was great luck to meet you and manage to marry you. You are my only one and amazing. Wish you to be happy and will do the best I can so you could have that feeling”.
  • “Our story has started not so easy but I was glad to become your husband. Thank you for unforgettable moments”.
  • “You are spicy and life with you is a challenge. It is not easy to have an interesting and pleasant life at the same time. Love you.”
  • “Good journey starts with a good company only. I like you to be my mate”.

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Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband


Women are frequently feeling freer about communicating with other people. But, they also can become shy when it comes to express happy anniversary wishes:

  • “So strong man nearby makes me feel safe and secure. Thank you and love you”.
  • “Dear, that was a good choice to marry you. I am glad of waking up with you every morning”.
  • “Be healthy and wealthy. And I will do my best to help to achieve that, dear.”
  • “I could not imagine having such a happy life in marriage. Thank you for making it happy for me”.

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Wedding Anniversary Quotes For A Friend


Telling good congratulations to a friend may also appear as a challenge. This becomes especially important for shy people or for those who can non-intentionally pick wrong words.  What do you say to a friend on their anniversary? Are there some general things, like wishing happiness, love, and other things? We have a couple of good and unusual suggestions for you here. 

  • “I am glad to see you happy and wish you remain such longer in your marriage, forever. Best wishes”.
  • “Seeing such a great example of strong relations, I can only wish you to have them always. Be happy, wealthy, and cheerful with your spouse always.”
  • “Have a remarkable joint life with plenty of amazing moments. Best wishes to you both”.
  • “I wish you a long life together, many cheerful moments, healthy children, and everything the best to you both”. 

There is nothing difficult in congratulating somebody. Only remember some pleasant moments related to a person, create ideas, and wholeheartedly express such. You may also share these ideas with professional writers who will pick and arrange the right words to make your ideas shine. Yet, there are extra suggestions about making wedding congratulations. Check them as well if you need more information.