10 Safety Tips for Traveling With Your Jewelry (Keeping Jewelry Safe)

Traveling in style is vital — no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re planning a honeymoon vacation, some business-related travel or a spur of the moment road trip, you want to take your favorite accessories with you. But packing jewelry isn’t as easy as tossing clothing into a suitcase. Fortunately, there’s a few safety tips you can follow to keep your favorite pieces organized and safe when traveling.

1. Load Up on Ziploc Bags

Sometimes, traveling needs to be simple. When it comes to keeping your jewelry detangled during a trip, grabbing a Ziploc bag may just be the best spur of the moment option. Ziploc bags are perfect for every piece of jewelry — rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces included.

2. Transform Empty Mint Containers

The next time you finish your Tic Tacs or Altoids, keep the container rather than throwing it away.

The amount of ways you can repurpose recycled mint containers is seemingly endless. So, it should come as no surprise that empty mint tins and containers are small and convenient ways to transport jewelry. As an added bonus, they’re free — so it’s a win-win all around.

3. Consider Keeping Valuables at Home

It should go without saying that packing all of your most valuable jewelry for a trip isn’t the wisest idea. While there may be a few pieces you don’t want to go without during your next voyage, try to keep the precious possessions you bring with you to a minimum to avoid losing or damaging your favorite pieces.

4. Bring Extra Travel Soap Containers

Travel soap dishes are a traveler’s must-have accessory — and not just for obvious reasons. While these cases are great for bringing bar soap with you in a clean and no-hassle way, they also double as mini storage containers for your valued possessions — jewelry included.

5. Wrap Jewelry in an Added Layer of Protection

Using a flour sack tea towel provides your jewelry with soft padding that prevents scratching or tangling during your voyage. A simple way to keep necklaces and bracelets detangled is by laying your jewelry out on the cloth and gently wrapping up the towel. Tie the towels at the end with a shoelace, hair tie or any other handy accessory to keep your prized possessions neatly arranged.

6. Use a Pill Case for Earrings

When it comes to traveling with jewelry, why not get creative and use an object you’re likely to have already nestled in your purse? Pill cases are the perfect solution to organizing and transporting smaller, valuable earrings. Thinner necklaces and bracelets are likely to fit in your case with ease as well.

7. Place Necklaces in Straws

When it comes to storing necklaces, the perfect storage product would be narrow and long. What fits this description? Straws, of course! And you don’t have to use plastic straws — which have garnered a lot of recent attention for their less-than-green qualities. Consider using plastic straw alternatives to discover an eco-friendly and durable storage option for your jewelry.

8. Organize Earrings With Index Cards

If you plan to use a different set of earrings for every day that you’ll be away, investing in small travel containers for your jewelry isn’t going to cut it. If you’re an earring-fanatic who can’t leave your favorite gems, diamonds and hoops at home, use index cards to neatly keep your earrings safe and in order.

9. Lay Your Jewelry in Your Glasses Case

Maybe you have a bunch of jewelry to tote around and are afraid that hastily throwing your favorite pieces in your carry-on isn’t the best choice. Since eyeglass cases are often hardshell and provide a sturdy level of protection, they’re the perfect fit for your jewelry transportation needs. Since glasses cases have a lot of empty space and aren’t as small as other storage options, consider using this case for costume jewelry when on the go.

10. Don’t Overpack

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for someone looking to travel with their jewelry is to not overdo it. Take versatile pieces with you during your travels that you can pair with countless outfits. When you lighten your load, it’s easier to keep the jewelry that you do decide to take with you neat, organized and safe for future trips. Preventing your jewelry from becoming a tangled mess while traveling isn’t as hard as it seems. With a few of these safety tips in mind, you can accessorize on-the-go while remaining organized, too.

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